Coach Domagoj has been a great support and guide on the personal and business growth journey. The blueprint of his work is a high level of professionalism combined with true care for the person and their development. I would highly recommend Domagoj to every organization willing to develop their leadership and management skills!

Maria Anargyrou-Nikolić, General Manager Coca Cola HBC

In our journey of building a Coaching culture within CCHBC Adria and supporting the career growth of our top talents, Mr. Domagoj Liposinovic has been a true strategic partner. His contribution has been amazing in supporting our talents to make a successful career turn, define their unique leadership style and integrate fast and successfully in their new roles. Domagoj has established himself as a trusted coach within our organization recognized for his executive coaching & training skills as well as his love and passion on releasing the potential of every individual he is working with.

Kiriaki Kritidi, HR Manager Coca-Cola HBC

After this training in LIFE I am much more aware of what lies behind certain situations and I understand better my own drivers as well as those of my counterparties. I have got very valuable tools which help me a lot to be more successful in everything I do and communicate. And the best part is: the more you grow, the better person you become! I strongly recommend Coach Domagoj to every organisation and individual!

Vesna, predsjednica Uprave Raiffeisen Invest


The “Present with Impact!” Training provided a fantastic insight into sales presentation techniques and transferring the key message to the other party. Thanks to numerous real-life examples from the Trainer’s rich business experience and the NLP techniques we have gained knowledge haven’t gained in any other previous presentation skills training. All Team member rated the Training with the highest grades and I strongly recommend it!

Siniša Komnenović, Sales Director, Pernod Ricard

Although I had participated in many international sales, communication and negotiation trainings, the training in LIFE has offered me a unique experience and perspective on goal setting, behavior patterns and both verbal and non-verbal communication in a business setting. What I liked the most was Domagoj’s energetic and personalized approach as well as sharing of business experiences which I could easily apply in both personal and business setting. Definitely highly recommended!

Nino Batinić, Sales Executive, Abbott Laboratories

I learned so much in this training! We are all unique in our beliefs and experiences and it’s really incredible how the orientation on outcomes and focus of energy on things that matter most can instantly increase your success! A great training with great people and a fantastic Trainer that changes the way you see and do things!

Ines, Finance Business Partner SEE, Schneider Electric

Training in LIFE was a real eye-opening experience in which I gained very useful knowledge and skills which can be applied in everyday life, both private and business. I strongly believe that the learnings from the Next Level NLP course can raise your business, communication, relationships and the entire life quality to the Next Level. This program in a great and relaxed atmosphere with THE Trainer was a really great experience!

Tamara, Customer Marketing, SC Johnson Italy Srl

The Next Level NLP Training helped me a lot to understand better my own and other people's behaviour patterns, both in the private and business life. Our Trainer Domagoj is a true leader who incorporates a lot of his own experiences and real-life examples into the training and creates a very relaxed and open atmosphere. I highly reccomend this training to everyone who is interested in further development and growth!

Dunja, Product Manager, L'Oreal Adria

The NLP Business Leader Training in LIFE turned out to be a very interesting and interactive process of further improvement of the existing skills as well as gaining some new skills. Our Trainer Domagoj gave us a new perspective of our business and private goals and the ways how we can achieve them and thanks to his solid business experience and a very dinamic approach, the impression always lasted far beyond the workshop was over. Domagoj is a true expert in the field of motivation and a very clear and interesting lecturer who easily shares his knowledge with the whole group.

Josip, Sales and Merchandising Director i član Uprave, MPG SouthEastEurope

As a Sales Team Leader in multinational corporations I had a chance to participate many trainings and I can say that the Next Level NLP program in LIFE is really something special! I liked very much that our Trainer Domagoj uses a lot of his real-life examples and humor to explain the various NLP concepts. I highly reccomend it to anyone who want to make a next step in personal life and career!

Hrvoje, Sales Director, Samsung Electronics Adriatics

As I work in a job where comminication is my main tool, I wanted to improved it with NLP. When I was starting the Next Level NLP program I thought it was going to be useful for my career only, but I am amazed how this knowledge and attitude can be applied in many different aspects of life. I would recommend this program and our Trainer Domagoj with his contagious energy and knowledge to everyone!

Daniela, Product Trainer, Cheil Worldwide Inc.